Monday, March 10, 2014

Invitation to our new website launch

March 10, 2014

We are launching our new website and we would like you to check it out! 
Let us know what you think so we can improve. 
Thank you for any comments!

Więcej na temat Annaline Interior Design odwiedź stronę internetową lub Facebook:

Annaline's website
Annaline on Facebook

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  1. That is great. I love the feel of a new website. I am currently working on getting my website up and running. I am doing it all from scratch. This has made it take a long time because I have no coding or website design experience. But I am learning so much. And I am kind of enjoying making it.

    Jane Osborne @ Customer Finder Marketing

  2. I loved the ‘residential’ gallery; the design photographs are stunning. I love the contrasts between light walls and furnishings and darker, natural wood tones for floors and trimmings. These create a stable but also light and inspirational feel that is timeless and which provide a perfect backdrop for contemporary living.

    Steven @ Cambridge Local Marketing

  3. What a great website, the look and feel of the new layout and graphics are really eye catching and the ease of navigation makes it a pleasure to use. You really had some inspirational things you did to the website as I will be implementing them into my own website in the near future, my wife agrees great job, thanks.

    Charles Campbell @ EVM Digital